"Give Us Just 90 Minutes A Day…

And Over The Next 5 Days We’ll Show You How To Quickly

Multiply Your Influence

  As An Entrepreneur ...
So You Can Build Your Business AND fulfill your God given purpose ,At the Same Time!! "

(This Can Work Even If You Currently Have No Tech Skills, Don't Have A Product, Or Have No Idea What to do yet...!)

Day 1 Starts In:


PLUS a FREE bonus day after the challenge for an exclusive VIP session!!(You don't want to miss this...)

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There are 3 things that EVERY Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Movement Leader needs to multiply or it WILL fail.

If You Pick The Wrong One, It Could Cost You Everything...

Watch ‘Joseph Aaron’ Below And Join The Challenge Today!

With Special Surprise Guest,

Daymond John!

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Want To Know The FIRST Thing Daymond Would Do If He Agreed To Invest In Your Business...?

You guessed it... he’d build you a funnel!

Just like the countless other funnels he’s built for his own brand and other business ventures!

Watch The Exclusive Interview With Daymond

FREE When You Register For 'Your First Funnel' Challenge!

PLUS a FREE bonus day after the challenge with a TON of amazing bonus training!!! (You don't want to miss this...)


MORE Special Guests


Jaime Cross

You’ll learn how Jaime went from selling her soap at local farmer’s markets to eventually owning her own soap empire... and joined the 2-Comma Club within six months of launching her first funnel!

(If you plan on selling ecomm, you won’t want to miss this training!!)


Stacey & Paul Martino

Discover how Stacey and Paul save marriages... with coaching funnels!

If you are in the coaching business, you’ll gain a TON of insight from Stacey and Paul on the unique way they use funnels to bring in hordes of new students like clockwork!

Jaime Cross (1).png

Garrett J. White

Garrett is hands-down the most requested speaker and teacher, and has become a Funnel Hacking LIVE legend!

He’ll show you how he uses funnels to help transform men all around the world into the warriors they’re meant to be!

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Annie Grace

Want to attract your “dream customers” instead of chasing them?

On day two, Annie will pull back the curtain on her “hourglass funnel” that can help ANY info product or coaching business open the floodgates for more customers, patients, or clients... and keep them coming back for more!

Jaime Cross (1) (2).png

Steve J. Larsen

From freelance funnel builder to running your own funnel building empire!

Steve is a funnel wizard and 2-Comma Club Winner. He’ll show you how to transform your funnel-building skills into a massive profit-generating opportunity that you can take advantage of right now!


Daymond John

You know him. You love him. They call him “The People’s Shark” for a reason.

In a very exclusive and rare opportunity, Daymond will go LIVE and share his own story on how he “bootstrapped” his way to success!


Kristine Mirelle

Kristine (aka, the “music hustler”) is a professional musician, 2-Comma Club Winner, and founder of Laugh My Ads Off— where she teaches all types of businesses on how to create hilarious ads that don’t suck!

She’ll show you the simple way she makes knee-slapping, eye-popping, and insanely engaging ads that you can model for your own business and boost sales like crazy!


Eileen Wilder

Just two years ago, Eileen had no idea what a funnel was... and now she’s a multiple 2-Comma Club Winner!

On day five, she’ll unveil how ANYONE can add a virtual high ticket offer to their funnel for a MASSIVE boost in sales!


'The Change The World' Challenge Will Walk You Through The Exact Step-By-Step System

To Pattern your business off of Biblical principles so that you can grow your influence and significantly impact culture.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Day Of The

5-Day ‘Change The World' Challenge!


First Act of Creation..

We’re not wasting any time! We kick off the 'Change The World' Challenge by showing YOU how to become the person God has always called YOU to be.
(Yes this works no matter where you are right now in life)

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • ​Most Christians know that they want to do something significant for God but they don’t know what to do,
  • Before Day 1 is over you’ll discover what God wants you to do to fulfill HIS kingdom purpose in your life.
  • ​No more guessing at what to do next or where you are going you will know 1000% from here on out.


Second Act of Creation..

On day two, you’ll discover the exact blueprint God gave you for Impact and you’ll also see how the most effective and influential people in the world all follow God’s blueprint or they fail.

This was a game changer for me and guides my life to this day.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • Believe it or not, God laid out the exact model for how to live your life for maximum impact!
  • Discover God’s 4 step plan to change the world
  • ​Learn to do your work God's way


Stepping into your God- Given Authority


God, Money, Mission!

  • ​After going homeless 3 times Joseph Aaron discovered the unique purpose God has for money, for you, your family and HIS mission.
  • ​Money has its place in the fulfillment of your mission. Discover on day 4 how God causes you to never lack.
  • Abundance is your birthright.


Do It Now...!

Many believers struggle with procrastination and being stuck in an environment with people who don't see the value of their mission! This is exactly what we solve for you in Day 5!

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • ​Faith without works is dead.
  • Discover how to quickly start doing God’s work while doing your work. It is not good for man to be alone.
  • Discover the purpose and power of community to multiply quickly.

What are you waiting for?!

This Is Literally The BEST Time To Step Into YOUR calling to Change The World... And Expand The Kingdom of God So You Can Have The Life You’ve Always Wanted!

PLUS a FREE bonus day after the challenge for an exclusive VIP session (You don't want to miss this...)

Ready To Create A Thriving Business From Scratch In Just 5 Days?

What You Can Expect From The
'Change The World' Challenge!

Before The Challenge

  • ​Knowing God created you for more in your life but not knowing what to do or where to start
  • Wondering where you fit into this chaotic world
  • ​Feeling stuck because you know this isn't all God has for you in your life

After The Challenge

  • ​ Knowing exactly who God MADE You to be​
  • Feeling confident you are making the right moves to leave a legacy in the World
  • ​Have a step-by-step action plan to Change The World

But That’s Not All!

The Same Reason We Stay After The Credits In A Marvel Film, You’ll Want To Stick
Around After The Challenge Because...

FREE Bonuses!

The Same Reason We Stay After The Credits In A Marvel Film, You’ll Want To Stick
Around After The Challenge Because...

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Special Funnel Install Sessions!

How would you like to learn THE BEST funnel that works specifically for your type of offer...?

Imagine having a high-converting, proven funnel where all you have to do is plug in your copy and offer, flip the switch, and bam! Sales!!

We invited the TOP EXPERTS of their fields to show us the exact funnel that CRUSHES it for them.

And then... and this part is crazy... we’re going to GIVE YOU their winning funnels for FREE!

Here’s the line-up of funnel experts coming to teach...

Dean_Graziosi-removebg1-min (1) (1).png


Jeff Walker is the KING of the product launch funnel. He’ll show you the “dos and don’ts” of this type of funnel, and how to win big every time you launch a new product.


Gabe Schillinger

Gabe Schillinger has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg & Kendrick Lamar as a music producer. He will show his "Viral Giveaway Funnel" that led to the first 6-figure launch in his niche, win two 2 Comma Club Awards, speak on stage at FHL, and even shift the landscape of his entire niche.


Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is one of the biggest and most successful coaches in the universe (yes, including Neptune). And he’ll show you how to easily (and successfully) do his 7-day LIVE launch funnel!!

Dean_Graziosi-removebg1-min (1) (1) (1).png


Perry Belcher is an 8-figure business owner, investor, coach, trainer, consultant, and marketing LEGEND! He’ll show you how to use “trip-wire funnels” to gain an AVALANCHE of ready-to-buy customers!

Dean_Graziosi-removebg1-min (1) (1) (2).png


Pedro Adao is an 8-figure business owner and the #1 go-to industry expert when it comes to “challenge funnels.” He’ll show you how to “niche down” and create a challenge funnel that attracts YOUR TARGET BUYERS to your offer!

Dean_Graziosi-removebg1-min (1) (1) (3).png


Dan Henry is a multiple 2-Comma Club Award winner and 8-figure business owner that has helped THOUSANDS of everyday entrepreneurs charge more!!! He’ll be showing you how to easily create high-converting webinar funnels.

Dean_Graziosi-removebg1-min (1) (1) (4).png

J. Larsen

Steve J. Larsen will join us once again, but this time, he’ll show you how to build an affiliate/networking marketing funnel that can help scale your business to the moon! (THIS type of funnel is level 10 critical to learn if you want to go from 0 to FAT STACKS OF GREEN in as little time as possible!!)

Dean_Graziosi-removebg1-min (1) (1) (5).png


Trey Lewellyn is a Jedi Master when it comes to high-converting ecomm funnels... and he rarely allows anyone to see what goes on behind closed doors. He’ll show us how he uses advertorials to test and find winning offers... and when it’s time to scale, scale, scale!


Todd Brown

Considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns… Todd Brown is the expert other experts go to when they need help with their own business. With clients in over 33 different countries, operating in over 65 different mass and niche markets, it’s been said that Todd has helped his students engineer more six and seven-figure funnels than any other expert online today.


5-Day Virtual Event: 'Change The World' Challenge!


May 1st - 5th, 2023
@ 11:00 AM EST


Because this is YOUR time to step into The World and change it for the better!

Normally: $3,000 Value

Ready To Learn to Change The World In Just 5 Days?

PLUS a FREE bonus day after the challenge for an exclusive VIP session (You don't want to miss this...)