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Funnel University 'Swipe Files'

Get all the “Funnel U” newsletter issues where I “funnel-hack”, dissect, and analyze 74+ of the TOP successful funnels in detail, page by page to see what they’re doing, and WHY their funnel works so well...

SEE the ‘BEST of the BEST’ funnels when it comes to funnel strategy, offers, split tests, maximizing sales, blueprints, scripts, and cheat sheets, and more! (And then you can model it in your business!)

Was $97/Mth (Or $970/Yr) - Get LIFETIME ACCESS FOR JUST $147!

By Purchasing Funnel University

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Funnel University 'Swipe Files'

Get A Major Head-Start Using A Funnel We’ve Built And Professionally Designed FOR YOU! Not only do you not have to start from ‘scratch’, but you’ll KNOW that your funnel is visually structured to convert!

Currently $97 Month - You Get LIFETIME ACCESS FOR FREE!

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Funnel Images Pro Account

Imagine a giant IMAGE LIBRARY with thousands of beautifully designed Funnel Elements (all the ‘things’ on your webpage that help make it convert like crazy)...that you can easily DROP into your funnel pages! With a PRO account, you can access over 2,000+ EXTRA graphics, and pre-built marketing designs (like buttons, headline images, order form images, ecover images, etc…) to help you increase the sales on your pages!

Currently $97 - You Get LIFETIME ACCESS FOR FREE!

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Traffic Secrets Scripts

Use these SIMPLE plug ‘n’ play Traffic Scripts to create all the hooks, video scripts, emails, and compelling sales messages you drive all the TRAFFIC you want! These time-saving, traffic-driving scripts were created directly from the scripts and strategies inside the Traffic Secrets book. If you can click a button, you can use these powerful done-for-you scripts to get writing experience required!

Currently $97 - You Get LIFETIME ACCESS FOR FREE!

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From: Joseph Aaron, Idaho

You just made a GREAT decision to grab a copy of Traffic Secrets and I can’t WAIT for you to dive in.

As you probably saw, I show you many different strategies for driving traffic inside the book…

Everything’s mapped out for you in detail so there’s ZERO guesswork! Whether you’re a coach selling coaching packages... an ecomm store owner selling clothing or supplements...or you’re a consultant selling a course…

You now have PROVEN traffic-driving frameworks to work with to attract more followers, fans, viewers, subscribers, and buyers!

I break it all down for you in the book so everything’s laid out for you to literally “swipe” from me! I’m
And when you follow it step by step, you’ll easily create your own traffic-driving plans for virtually any offer!

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Now, as you can imagine, this does take some time.

Once you know WHAT your offer looks like…

The next step is to figure out what type of traffic you want to drive.

Then, you need to write the copy…

Figure out what images to use…

And make sure the layout is designed in a way that gets people to CONVERT.

But I Don’t Want You To Have To Wait To
Start Driving Traffic To Your Funnel!

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Because I KNOW you want to start driving more traffic to your funnel ASAP!

So instead…

I Want To HAND You All The Funnel Pages You Need So You Can Just “Plug And Play” To Start Immediately!

That’s right.

I want to give you ALL the funnel templates you need for your landing pages, opt-in pages, thank you pages, and order forms! 🤯

So you don’t have to worry about ANY of the:

  • ​Designs
  • ​Layouts
  • ​Funnel Pages Icons

Because My Team And I Have A LIBRARY Of Proven Funnel Templates That Work For Virtually EVERY Offer.

We’ve spent YEARS testing and tweaking these.

And I finally decided to share them, straight from our vault!

To Do That, I'm Going To Give You INSTANT ACCESS To These 4 NEW Products Right Now!!!

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  • ​First - The Funnel University Swipe File (So You Can See What The MOST Successful Funnels Look Like And Model Them)
  • ​Second - Over 125+ Premium Funnel Templates (So You Can Just Pick A Funnel That Is Already Proven To Work, And Plug In Your Product Details)
  • ​Third - The Traffic Secrets Scripts Software (So You Can Fill In A Few Blanks, Click A Button And Have All Your Traffic-Driving Copy Written For You!)
  • Fourth - Funnel Images PRO Software With 2000 Pre-Made Images Templates (So You Can Quickly Create The Images You Need For Your Funnel)

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Get LIFETIME ACCESS To Funnel University

(Normally $97/month!)

Get It Today For Just 1 Single-Payment Of $147!

(plus sales tax)

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Here’s What I Want You To Do Right Now…

I went through and “funnel-hacked” 74+ of the TOP funnels in the world…

The ones that were absolutely crushing it in their industry…

Each month, I created a content-packed newsletter that sold for $67/mth, and called it Funnel University…

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I picked a different topic or theme for each issue, and I’d find two super-interesting and unique funnels…

And I bought EVERYTHING inside their funnel.

(So you can see what some of the most successful funnels look like, beginning-to-end.)

I funnel-hacked their opt-in page…

Their order bumps… Their upsell pages… ALL OF IT (start to finish!)...

FunnelUniv_covers1-min png

I gathered all the data that I could on what each company was doing inside their funnel, and why it was so successful…

I took note of Price-points…

Order forms…


You name it…

And then I pre-designed a funnel TEMPLATE, based on each successful funnel that I hacked!

Inside Funnel University, you’ll get access to the entire VAULT of newsletter issues where I funnel-hacked each funnel, and showed you exactly what was on Page 1…

Page 2…

Page 3…

And so on.

I always said that every FunnelHacker needs to get good at opening up their wallet, and buying everything inside the funnels they are wanting to they can SEE and go through the entire funnel and process...

But With Funnel University,
I’ve Already PAID For All Of The Research For You!

I’ve literally spent over $30,000 collectively of my own money, just in funnel-hacking alone to bring
what’s working in the industry straight to you!

Inside “Funnel U”, you’ll get access to ALL the issues, without having to pay TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars
for the information like I did…

Or even the $97/mth that everyone else paid for YEARS…

You can get the whole VAULT of Funnel University newsletter issues (with all the hacked funnels)
right now when you upgrade your order for just $147 (JUST ONE TIME - SINGLE PAYMENT!!!).

And on top of that…

When You Upgrade Your Order,
You’re Also Going To Get
THREE Mega-Bonuses...

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BONUS #1 - 125+ Premium Funnel Templates

Currently $97 Month - You Get LIFETIME ACCESS FOR FREE!

A GREAT funnel template is the KEY to getting your funnel DONE, built ,and launched quickly!

Not only will you get all of the Funnel University issues that I’ve funnel-hacked, but...

I Want To HAND You All The Funnel Pages
You Need So You Can Just “Plug And Play”
To Start Immediately!

BONUS #1 - 125+ Premium Funnel Templates

That’s right. So I’m giving you ALL of the Premium Pre-Designed Funnel Templates
that I created from each issue of Funnel U!

(That’s 74+ funnel templates, based on each of the super-successful funnels that I hacked!)


I also want to give you ALL the funnel templates need for your landing pages,
opt-in pages, thank you pages, and order forms! 🤯

So you don’t have to worry about ANY of the:

Dont-worry-about png

Because My Team And I Have A LIBRARY
Of Proven Funnel Templates That
Work For Virtually EVERY Offer.

We’ve spent YEARS testing and tweaking these.

And I finally decided to share them, straight from our vault!

We pulled together all 10 of the funnels you learn in the book so they’re “done for you”
and waiting for you to use!

  • Lead “Squeeze” Funnels
  • Survey Funnels
  • Summit Funnels
  • ​​Book Funnels
  • Cart Funnels
template1 png

They’re All Premade And Predesigned For You…
You Can Literally “1-Click Import” Them

and just fill in the blanks with your offer information!

I have all TEN funnel templates I share in the DotCom Secrets book ready to go.

But not only that, you get FIVE of each type of funnel so you can pick and choose the ones
you like based on the design, colors, and theme.

That means…

(That’s a MASSIVE pack of 50 Funnel Templates you can use immediately!)

And on top of that, every single month, I want to send you another 10 funnel templates! 😲

funnel-templates_1-min png

So you ALWAYS have a variety of funnel templates to choose from and can just ‘plug and play’
what you want for your offers!

It’s like a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to new, PROVEN funnel templates every month!

I’ve made it stupid simple!

To save you a TON of time and headaches.

To New, PROVEN Funnel Templates
Every Month!

I’ve made it stupid simple!

To save you a TON of time and headaches.

And I’m Not Stopping There…

Because if you remember, part of the “magic” of creating a winning funnel is the COPY.

From the headline to the section where you close the deal,
you need to know how to MOVE the reader through the sale with the right words.

That’s why I included some funnel scripts inside the DotCom Secrets book.

So you can just follow the outlines to learn the structure of great headlines...

sales pages...

and upsell pages.


I want to do all the legwork for those as well!

To Make Things Even Easier For You,

SCRIPTS For Your Funnel!

Need a SIMPLE way to create a pipeline of consistent, targeted traffic to your website?

If you’re looking for the best way to attract your ideal traffic using video, email, webinars, and sales messages…

Or if you’re worried about WASTING TIME and MONEY on traffic and seeing no results...

Then we’ve got the push-button Traffic Script solution you’ve been waiting for! With Traffic Secrets Scripts,
you just “fill in the blanks”, and the scripts are automatically “written” for you, section by section!

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BONUS #2: Get The ‘Traffic Secrets Scripts’
(So You Can Write The Copy You Need To Drive
Traffic To Your Funnel...In Just MINUTES!) ($497 Value!)

Currently $97 Month - You Get LIFETIME ACCESS FOR FREE!

Imagine a simple and PROVEN system that takes you from NONE to DONE]
with ALL of your traffic copy... in as little as 15 minutes!

That includes creating all the hooks, video scripts, research, email sequences,
and persuasive sales messaging you need...

To drive traffic from social media…

Search engines…


Your Dream 100 list…


And more!

Traffic Secrets Scripts is designed to help entrepreneurs like YOU
to quickly write copy that sends your ideal traffic STRAIGHT to your websites and pages.

Not only that, but it does all the writing ‘legwork’ for you!
(If you can fill in a few blanks, and push a button, you can quickly write copy to drive traffic to your page!)

The entire "Traffic Secrets Scripts Package" is specifically designed to help send Generate Tons Of Leads

  • Skyrocket Sales
  • Increase Webinar And Event Attendance
  • Persuade Your Audience To Take Action
  • ​​Engage Your Subscribers And KEEP Them
  • ​​Engage Your Subscribers And KEEP Them

...and send more of your ideal customers...well...wherever you want!

The Traffic Secrets Funnel Scripts program is designed to “fill in the blanks” for you,
section by section!

It’s the perfect SHORTCUT that allows you to quickly generate compelling
copy so you can push consistent traffic to your website and funnels!

So you DON’T even have to:

  • Hire an expensive traffic copywriter
  • Spend YEARS learning the skill of Copywriting
  • Hire an editor

All you have to do is fill in some blanks on a form (think MadLibs) and sit back,
because all the copy is “written for you”! You’ll get access to ALL of the ‘Traffic Secrets’ Scripts, including:

  • The ‘Ultimate Hook’ Script
  • Pure Curiosity Hooks Script
  • Viral Video Hooks Script
  • ​YouTube Discoverable Video Hooks Script
  • ​Question Hooks Script
  • Dream Customer Profile Script
dotcomsecrets-oto-MOCK-Ups_funnel-imagesPRO-MIN png

BONUS #3 - Funnel Images Pro Account

Currently $97 Month - You Get LIFETIME ACCESS FOR FREE!

A Massive Library Of FUNNEL ELEMENTS
To Make Your Funnel Pages Convert Like Crazy!

What are funnel elements? 🤔

Those are all the different SECTIONS and design elements you see on the page…

Like the big red arrows...

CTA buttons...

pricing tables...


and other pieces of the page that help create that “professional” touch.

And I’ve packed that all up in an easy-to-use software called Funnel Images.

newgrpahic png

No matter WHAT you’re selling. Because remember…

No matter how much you love the book (and I know you’re going to love it!)...

And no matter how much you learn.

Nothing really matters until you can IMPLEMENT.

And I always love the quote, “Money loves SPEED”.

So I want to give you the chance to get your funnel designed up quickly,
set it up for crazy SALES, and get you ready to go
as FAST as possible with these PROVEN templates, scripts, and elements.

So you have EVERYTHING you need to get rocking and rolling with your sales funnel…

30day_g-min png

PLUS, All Programs Come With LIFETIME Access
And A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

So you have nothing to lose by saying YES right now!
You get FULL access to the 50+ Funnel Templates, DotCom Secrets Funnel Scripts
and Funnel Images right away to play around with all of the programs.

And if for some crazy reason you’re not happy with them
just email us within 30 days for a full refund!

When You Upgrade To
Funnel University For Just $147

(Normally $97/mth or $970/yr!)

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dotcomsecrets-oto-MOCK-Ups_FunnelU2-min png

Funnel University ($970/Yr Value)

  • Get 74+ Newsletter issues - where I funnel-hacked some of the BEST funnels in the world that are CRUSHING IT…
  • An ‘insiders’ detailed analysis breakdown of each funnel - page by page - so you see what they’re doing inside their ENTIRE funnel, start to finish!
  • Get ALL of the information using MY wallet! That’s right, I pulled out my wallet and bought all the products inside all the funnels (tens of thousands of dollars worth!) you could see what each company is doing deep inside their funnels to be so successful!

By Purchasing Funnel University
You Get These

dotcomsecrets-oto-MOCK-Ups_Premium-Funnel-Templates-min png

PREMIUM “Done-For-You” Funnel Templates
($297 Value)

  • Get 74 “Funnel University” templates - a pre-designed funnel blueprint based on EACH of the TOP funnels I’ve hacked!
  • Access 50 Pre-Made Funnel Templates - based on the 10 core funnels in my DotCom Secrets you don’t have to start from scratch! ($297 Value) You’ll Get All 10 of the Funnels in the Book as “1-Click Import” Designs to Customize IMMEDIATELY!
  • PLUS… The UNLIMITED Funnel Templates Membership...with no monthly fees! ($997 Value)

You’ll get 10 NEW Funnel Templates Sent to You Every Month - so you’ll never run out of funnel ideas for your offers!

dotcomsecrets-oto-MOCK-Ups_funnel-imagesPRO-MIN png

LIFETIME Access To Funnel Images PRO
($297 Value)

You Can Create Professional Graphics WITHOUT needing to be a professional designer!

  • NO More Overpriced Designers
  • Just Drag and Drop to Make Your Pages Look Professional
  • Create UNLIMITED Marketing Graphics Faster Than Ever!
trafficSecrets-oto_box-and-monitor-nofree-min (1) png

Quickly And EASILY Create High-Converting Copy To Drive TRAFFIC To Your Funnel! ($497 Value)

Use this easy-to-use software to create high-converting copy FAST, so you can drive traffic straight to your pages!

  • Attract MORE followers, fans, viewers, subscribers, and BUYERS to your pages!
  • Drive prospects and customers to your funnels easier, faster, and with more confidence than ever before!
  • Create the sales messages you need to quickly BUILD YOUR LIST, so you can sell them your irresistible offer!
ts_oto1_stack-bundle_dotcomsecrets-min png

Upgrade Your Order Right Now!

It’s All Yours Right Here For
The Low One-Time Price Of...
Just $147!

But you must act RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow...
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this offer will be gone forever.

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This book provides valuable marketing and traffic strategies and tactics that I and others have vigorously tested and re-tested. My company, ClickFunnels, which is referenced at times in the book, is a website and funnel builder company that helps existing businesses sell their products and services online. ClickFunnels makes no claims or representation that by using ClickFunnels you will earn money or make your money back. Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels or other website building companies. Their business’s results are not typical, and your business’s experience will vary based upon the effort and education of your business’s employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control.

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