“You Give Me 4 Hours… I’ll Give You A Paint-By-Numbers Plan To Scale Your Next (Or First) 7-Figure Offer”

Discover The Exact Marketing And Sales Sequence 100’s Of Experts Have Used To Rapidly Grow Their Business, List, And Influence So They Can Make As Much Money As They Want Without Complex Funnels

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Joel Erway

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The 7 Figure Sequence Dear Expert, Imagine a few days from now experiencing the “magic” of:

  • ​Attracting new clients and customers without publishing tons of content.
  • ​Being able to get more of the right clients and customers…
  • ​Freedom from the stresses of wondering where your next customer will come from.
  • ​​Freedom to live what I call a “semi-retired life” where your business revolves around you instead of your life around your business.
  • ​​Freedom from working with crappy, nagging, and needy customers because you'll have consistent leads, customers, and growth week after week, month after month.

Most people know me as the “Million Dollar Offer guy”.

While I’ve got over $100MM+ worth of results to my name, the truth is I’m not a flashy guy.

I live a pretty low-key life that revolves around my family. I work 4 hours per day, 4 days per week.

It looks a little something this:

Each morning I wake up at 6:30AM and go for a walk around my house with my wife.

Then, I make some eggs and pancakes for the family.

I take my son, Dominic, to school.

Around 9:15AM I head to the office and go for a ruck march around town to burn some extra calories.

Listen to some podcasts, read, and journal.

Personal development stuff. By 11AM I start my workday.

Take an hour lunch.

Finished work by 4PM.

I do an hour workout at the end of the day.

I’ve taken Fridays off every week since 2019.

I'm able to do all of this while running a 7-figure business.

And I've helped my clients do the same:

Alex Hormozi

Joel Erway took us literally $0/mo with a concept to $400k/mo in 6 months. His deep level of understanding is insane in this one type of pitch that he has specialized in. Totally worth the money (obviously). Buy whatever he sells you because he is such a moral guy he will keep delivering until you feel bad he is still making you more money.

Trevor Turnbull

I can easily attribute $300k in sales this past year to the advice I've received from Joel. Take him up on this offer.. no brainer!

If i had this call a year ago I'd currently be making $740k/year in recurring income without doing ANYTHING different. You see "leaving money on the table" thrown around a lot in this space but no... I was actually leaving almost a million a year on the table just because I was giving something away for free that I should have been charging for. My gosh. Thank you much for the call Joel. Time to get busy cranking on putting this into play TODAY.

It's a shame to see what people are being taught these days when it comes to scaling their courses and coaching programs..

As Experts who are trying to grow our businesses online...

...we've been flat out lied to!

If you’re a consultant, coach, or service provider then I already know you’re sick and tired of marketing that you lack control of, such as:

  • ​Networking at your local events (ehem... begging for business)
  • ​DMing for business
  • ​Start a YouTube channel
  • ​Podcasting
  • ​​Facebook Groups
  • ​​Webinar Groups

These marketing methods are simply unreliable, unstable, and unpredictable. One month you feel you’re on top of the world!

Then the next you’re about ready to throw in the towel and think to yourself that maybe your previous success was just “dumb luck”.

This roller coaster is a surefire path to Entrepreneurial burnout and insanity if you don't get control. Tons of ideas have raced through your head to solve the problem. You've gotten lured into the glitter of digital marketing.

You see all of the guru's touting how they're making millions of dollars online... it looks so easy...

And soon enough after listening to a bunch of 'em and buying their courses, you're convinced you've found the solution…

laptop 2.png

What If There Was A Way...

... for you to be able to create an irresistible offer you know with absolute certainty will work?

...for us to attract our perfect fit customers without developing an endless content machine?

...we could predictably increase our monthly revenue by 5-figures each and every month in a leveraged way that allows us to live free?

Since 2015 I’ve been helping online business owners launch profitable courses and coaching programs.

And in 2020 after seeing a plummeting trend…

I developed a new model that has worked time and time again for helping Experts scale their offers consistently to high 6- and 7-figures (and beyond).

There Is No Reason Why You Can’t Implement This Model For Yourself…

All you need to know is: “How does it work and what is my plan to implement it?” It’s exactly why I’ve created:


The 7-Figure Offer Virtual Workshop:

How to design and scale a 7-Figure Offer that allows you to semi-retire
and live free without complex marketing funnels

In this 4 hour virtual workshop you’re going to learn 3 core and very important things:

  • ​A full understanding of our course model that has proven to be the most effective way to design a 7-figure offer
  • ​The right SEQUENCE in which to launch your 7-figure offer so you aren’t burning unnecessary ad dollars (you can be doing EVERYTHING RIGHT in the WRONG ORDER and see only 10% of your true results)​
  • ​How to scale your 7-figure offer in a way that doesn’t cause you to hate your business or your customers (read: lifestyle-focused)

I’ve developed this so we can work together to create a clearly defined roadmap and game plan for your 7-Figure offer

Because When You Don’t Have This Completely Dialed In, You End Up Like Me In 2016...

Spending over $50,000 on “school of hard knocks” education and masterminds trying to find the golden solution…

Wasting tens of thousands of dollars worth of ineffective advertising on “list building”...

Obsessing over the latest and greatest “funnel hack”...

And ultimately, laying awake in bed every single night with a newborn and a brand-new house wondering where my next client was going to come from…

Wondering what my wife would think of me if I didn’t figure out how to consistently get customers...

When I figured out how to put all of the pieces together, a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

I would never go hungry for clients or customers again…

And, I would help countless entrepreneurs scale their own courses and coaching programs in the process.

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