We Are OFFICIALLY Re-Launching Magnetic Marketing

(And Dan Kennedy's Legacy) To The World!!!

Dan And Russell Would Both LOVE Your Help To Get The Word Out!

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We Have Planned Tons Of Awesome Value And An INSANE Offer With A Crazy Upsell Flow.

I wanted to make sure to give you an easy way to share Dan’s Legacy with your community!

Two Incredible Offers

Two Great Chances To Earn Big Commissions

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40% On MIFGE & GOLD Monthly Membership

Earn 40% (that’s $38.88 / month) for every NO B.S. Gold Newsletter Member who stays past the 30 day trial period.

While the original offer is a free trial, with a total cart value of up to $2,541 you can earn over $1,000 per customer (you earn 40% of all up sells and order bumps)

20% Commission On The INSIDER CIRCLE

When we open Insider Circle during the challenge you earn up to $4,800 a year for each person that signs up for Insider Circle.

Event 1 - The Re-Launch

The offer: I will break out all the details, but I want to say how excited I am for this offer. I have dove headfirst into all things Dan Kennedy again and pulled what I believe is the best of the best Dan Kennedy teaching all in one funnel.

The “Most Irresistible Free Gift Ever”
The “MIFGE” offer was pure Dan Kennedy back in the day and we have brought it back with more firepower than ever. With $19,993

Event 2 - The Challenge

What it is: I got the chance to ask Dan Kennedy 5 questions LIVE and in person. I really had to make sure I picked the perfect questions because I wasn’t sure I would ever get this opportunity again. Now I am sharing his answers, and my breakdown summary of what he taught during this 5 day challenge.

Every day for five days we will release a new exclusive interview question with Dan Kennedy. You will learn from the master his answer to what I think are the most important questions I could ask him. And after each answer I will break down my thoughts on what he had to say and how to put it into practice.

The offer: Insider Circle
On the last two days of the challenge we will open registration for Magnetic Marketing’s Inner Circle! This is a $1,000 a month membership or $10k a year. Members will get a chance to learn the advanced tactics from the master including the chance to ask their own questions to Dan Kennedy.

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